Artist Profile: Paula Allen

Illustrator and poet Paula Allen, was born in Watertown, NY as the granddaughter of Italian and Russian Immigrants. Paula's early years were spent living on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York. Paula moved to Florida 10 years ago from New York state. Her life has been dedicated to the education of children in the arts.

A former public and private school art and drama teacher, Paula has always worked with students while having her own professional career as an artist. Currently the director of the Children's Gallery at the Children's Board of Hillsborough County, Paula created an international mural exchange in 2008 with the Children's Museum in Amman Jordan. Paula's own illustrations and paintings were in international galleries in Tokyo and London in 2008. Additionally, she was nominated Woman of the Year in Community Service in 2008 by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

Paula created Pollyzoom LLC in 2005 which is the name for her Art and her performance artworks. You can view her work at

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  1. Ryan,
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to have my art on Digital Billboards in Tampa Bay. It has been a wonderful experience for myself and all the other artists. I want to thank all of you at Clear Channel for your support of the arts in Tampa Bay.
    Paula Allen ( Pollyzoom)