Artist Profile: Bluelucy

Bluelucy is the creative partnership of Chad Mize and Phillip Clark. Together since 2001, we’ve infused our world and our art with love and positivity. Everyday we create toward a clean, vibrant and stylish aesthetic that mirrors our life. Which is why...“Our Life is Our Brand.” The Bluelucy Boys specialize in web development and design, building brands, print and multimedia.

Chad Mize
Born July 1974 · New Orleans, LA
My purpose for creating art is to inspire and uplift the viewer. I consistently saturate my work with colors and concepts that radiate happiness. This originates from my endless desire to produce optimistic imagery in various forms. I find great pleasure in sharing my vision and leaving my mark on modern culture.

Phillip Clark
Born December 1974 · Raleigh, NC
My inspiration for making art comes from an intense appreciation of all life. When I create, I project positive energy into my work. Through many styles and techniques I express ideas that reflect what I love. My message is always clear – Life is precious, dreams are powerful and imagination fuels the future.

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