Artist Profile: Dino D'Taos

Dino on his work and method:

Impression of Surrealism. A street painter & cafĂ© artist in the tradition of Vango & Pissarro. My interpretations under osmosis of an international peddler’s license. We sell prints and find art on these quaint avenues and sidewalks from Paris to St Pete. "On the curb is a step above the gutter." These are the honest labors of a Saint; a disciple of Dali on his way to bliss. Ever reaching towards that atavistic charm and romance of a poor but happy soul: Lost and in Love with beauty and the grace of here splendors. For angels truly guide my brush, and the good Lord touches my work. Paint Free. Maybe and perhaps the poorest artist in town, but I carry the finest brushes and the richest colors around. May God bless you always.

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